Fuck you Columbus Day. You just made my life about 10,000x more difficult. Fuck. You.

This is a pointless fucking “holiday” anyway. Like yeah let’s celebrate some fucker who raped and pillaged the native people of our land.

I’m white and even I hate my fucking culture sometimes.


Anonymous asked:

I was going to commit suicide days before the No Bragging Rights show in my area but because it has helped so much i wanted to see your band so bad that it was the only thing that kept me here.. this music has literally saved me man,and its all i have.. its hard to get through a single day

mikeofnbr answered:

Thank you so fucking much for having the strength to 1 keep going and 2 having the courage to write me, even if I can’t see your face. I agree, life is hard, life sucks (bad), but it won’t always be this way. You WILL have a bright moment, something awesome will happen. Even though those moments may be very few or very small, they’re worth living for.
I completely understand if you want to stay anonymous, please don’t feel obligated/pressured but here is my email, I would love to talk to you :)


Please continue pushing on, please continue fighting. Please.